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November 30, 2015

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1t- Karl Malone: Two time MVP, second leading scorer in NBA history, whats not to like about Karl Malone? Well other than when he talks about himself he talks in the third person. Regardless if you like him or not, he is passably the greatest player to ever play the power forward spot in NBA history, he and Stockton lead the Jazz to their only two NBA finals appearances, and he is probably the most recognized player to ever play for the Jazz.

1t- John Stockton: He and Malone made the Jazz for 18 years from 1985-2003, in that time the lead the team to its only Western Conference finals appearances, its only two NBA finals appearances, and made Utah one of the consistently best teams of the 90s. Stocktons points per game average dont reach out and grab you, but his assist and steals per game averages do. Stockton is the NBA all-time leader in both categories and one of the 50 greatest NBA players.

3- Adrian Dantley: AD, is quite possible the greatest forgotten star of the 80s, while his defense lacked, his scoring was phenomenal. Dantley was a 56% field goal shooter for the Jazz, and averaged over 30 points a game four seasons, a feat no other Jazzman has yet to accomplish, his 29.6 point per game average is a top the Jazz points per game leader board.

4-Pete Maravich: Pistol Pete Maravich, the Jazz first star. Maravich was traded to the Jazz for the #1 pick in 1974 from the Atlanta Hawks. Maravich was a three-time all-star for the Jazz, and the teams first player to average 30 or more a game. Maravich was also the first Jazz player to have his number retired.

5-Mark Eaton: Big Mark Eaton was among the tallest players to ever play for the Jazz, his 7 foot 4 inches body was tough for offensive players to get around. Eatons 456 blocks in a season are still the NBAs best.

6-Darrell Griffith: Dr. Dunkenstein is one of the Jazz greatest scorers in team history averaging over 20 points per game five times. Griffith was also the teams first real three point threat; despite; shooting only 19% from the arch his rookie year. 7-Jeff Malone: Malone gave the Jazz a great second scorer to Karl Malone in the early 90s, he was a former all-star, and many thought him past his prime when he joined the Jazz, yet he still managed to put up an 18 and a half points per game average in his three and a half years with the Jazz.

8-Thurl Bailey: Big T Bailey has been forgotten by many Jazz fans, and those who do remember him only remember the shell of his former self who played for the Jazz in the lockout shortened season of 98-99. But Bailey was a keystone of the Jazz first playoff team, and many other good Jazz teams of the 1980s and early 1990s.

9-Rickey Green: Green is most remembered for being the incumbent point guard when the Jazz drafted John Stockton, few remember that he was the teams first all-star point guard and for a time was the teams all-time leader in assist, steals and Games played.

10-John Drew: Drew being in the top ten may come as a surprise to many, few even remember he played three seasons for the Jazz, and averaged 21 points per game his first year with the team. Drew was one of the players the Atlanta Hawks sent to the Jazz for the rights to Dominique Wilkens.

11-Andrei Kirilenko: AK47 is one of only a few active players who make the list, his shot blocking and overall defense has made him a fan favorite in the modern era. Kirilenko is also the first non center to lead the Jazz in shot blocking.
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