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September 24, 2014

The 350A

Sponsoring 1 hour of Rod Lucas's Best Smooth Jazz not only helps keep BSJ on the air BUT also gives you a lotta BANG for your buck !

Promotion for your service or product as Rod Lucas tells the audience what you have to offer and how it can benefit people
Promotional announcements of what your business offers, how to buy from you and increase awareness
You don't need to be a business - if you're an individual or a couple, you can help us stay on air by sponsoring an hour. We'll say something like "This is Best Smooth Jazz sponsored this hour by Karen and David Ray of California. They love BSJ and are happy to help us stay on air by sponsoring this hour"
Your sponsored hour is broadcast and played out on the BSJ.FM stream that runs 24/7.
Your sponsored hour heard on our podcast on iTunes : archived for 2 years and available to the public worldwide - anytime.
Your sponsored hour is seen on the Best Smooth Jazz TV YouTube channel where some BSJ shows attracted over 170, 000 viewers ! So sound and vision promotion in your hour sponsorship
For 1 hour you in fact get get so much more because we replay BSJ radio & TV shows and have up to 3 years in archives. See YouTube stats - Million views to date.
Best Smooth Jazz also gets played out across Europe on the SKY TV Satellite service
Buy 1 hour of sponsorship and host Rod Lucas will put you on the map. When you've paid e mail BSJ with the 10 most important things you do in bullet point style. We'll also add your web banner to this site for 1 month and give you the promotion you need at our special offer price.


Alternatively try 'The BSJ Spot Drop' Rod Lucas will mention your business and what you do in 10 seconds. You pay per mention. (This is not sponsorship of an hour on the show, it’s a spot mention). E mail for quote below.

smooth jazz
smooth jazz
Sky FM II - Smooth Jazz (HD) Non-Stop (78 min.)♪
Sky FM II - Smooth Jazz (HD) Non-Stop (78 min.)♪
Jeff Golub visits Jimi King on Smooth Jazz
Jeff Golub visits Jimi King on Smooth Jazz

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