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Jazz clubs in New Orleans

August 21, 2016
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Jazz was born in New Orleans, with roots that reach back to Congo Square, where enslaved Africans in the colonial era were allowed to congregate on Sundays to dance and share songs. It began to take form as we know it in the parlors of Storyville, on the streets where brass bands marched and second lines formed, and in legendary dancehalls like the Funky Butt, where Buddy Bolden enraptured dancers with his swinging blues.

Jazz in the city of New Orleans really reached its heyday in the hot jazz era, before the Great Migration and Harlem Renaissance created new hubs of jazz in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere, with many of the city's finest musicians (Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, for two) leaving for greener pastures. New Orleans, always at the musical vanguard, eventually became a R&B/early rock town, and then a funk town, and later a hip-hop town, with jazz existing largely on the fringes as the years went on.

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