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September 22, 2016


Hosted by
JazzTrax Creator
Art Good

JazzTrax Creator/ Producer Art Good 1st began working with what became the hugely popular Smooth Jazz Genre when he put the wildly popular Lites Out San Diego nightly program on KIFM Radio March 8, 1982. It was the creation of the now firmly established West Coast Smooth Jazz scene and established San Diego as the birthplace of Smooth Jazzdom.

Art next was part of the creation of that city's now 30 year old world famous Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay Summer Concert Series. From those 2 smooth jazz trend setting concepts he then created the JazzTrax syndicated radio show heard across America the last quarter century in 1985 and then the now 27th annual (in 2013) World Famous Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. The first all contemporary jazz festival in the world and in 2012 voted Best Jazz Festival in America for a 2nd consecutive year.

The JazzTrax weekly radio show has evolved as it has now well passed it's 25 year mark. Each hour beginning with a long extended set of 5 straight great songs from the past. Classic Old from the JazzTrax Cave. Each Middle Set features what Art Good has forever been known for.the Absolute Newest.just released.or soon to be released. Finally at hour's end the JazzTrax Archives Album. A CLASSIC SMOOTH JAZZ ALBUM from the past that was LOADED with great songs, heard hourly. As a JazzTrax Festival gets near. Either the JazzTrax Floating Stage in the SummerTime Southern California Mountains on Big Bear Lake or the Avalon Ballroom looking out to sea on Catalina Island in October including Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach.the Archives Spotlight briefly becomes a JazzTrax Best Songs Spotlight of the Music of the Stars of Smooth Jazz coming to actually play on the JazzTrax Live Performance Stages.

Please Listen.and Enjoy.the Show.the Festivals.the Songs and Music that have filled your lives with so many memories the last 3 Decades now.

Victor Robles Interview on the Smooth Jazz Live Radio Show
Victor Robles Interview on the Smooth Jazz Live Radio Show
Smooth Jazz Guitar/Radio Hit/Leandro Galella
Smooth Jazz Guitar/Radio Hit/Leandro Galella
Smooth Bossa Nova -
Smooth Bossa Nova -

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