Gypsy Jazz Guitar Strings

February 14, 2017


Argentine strings were born more than 60 years ago and have been played by the most famous guitarists from Django REINHARDT to Raphaël FAYS, Boulou FERRE, Pierre LACOMBE, ROMANE, Patrick SAUSSOIS and many others...

They ignored the crises and fashions and remain the favourite choice for musicians seeking their original and unrivalled sound.

Used by a great number of renowned musicians and instrument makers world-wide, they are perfectly suited for the legendary SELMER-MACCAFERRI guitars which continue to be made by highly skilled luthiers who perpetuate their existence.

New evolution for improved strings:

As they benefit from new winding techniques that have been incorporated in the manufacturing process, ARGENTINE strings offer a perfect homogeneity between the steel core and the silver-plated metal strip wrapped over, and as a result they resist better to hard use.

Their increased resistance is also the result of the use of the most reliable and the finest raw materials perfectly adapted to the very specific needs of musical strings.

As they are more resistant, the strings have a longer life.

  • - They have a brilliant and clear sound.
  • - They provide much power.
  • - They have a very rich tone.
  • They are the only ones to reproduce the authentic ‘Manouche’ Jazz sound.

To know the gauges of each string, click on "Composition" beside the corresponding set.

Individual strings are available in tens.
E-1st and B- strings are plain steel.
G, D, A and E-6th strings are silver-plated wound.

- 4 Sets for 6 stringed guitar:

  • - 2 sets with loop-end: Red colour: Ref. 1510/Extra-Light Tension and 1510MF/Light Tension
  • - 2 sets with ball-end: Blue colour: Ref. 1610/ Extra-Light Tension and 1610MF/Light Tension

- 1 set for 12 stringed guitar:

Set with ball-end: Blue colour: Ref. 1620/Extra-Light Tension

The component materials are the same ones as the strings in sets for 6-stringed guitar.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Gypsy Jazz lead guitar lesson open string devices
Gypsy Jazz lead guitar lesson open string devices ...

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