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November 26, 2016

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Jon Bell, Portland Business Journal, KGW

Jimmy Mak's (Photo: KGW)

For the second time this week, news is out that a longtime Portland bar is moving out to make way for more apartments.

Earlier this week, it was Sewick's, the 36-year-old tavern on Southeast Hawthorne. Today, it's Jimmy Mak's, the storied downtown jazz club that's given rise to many of Portland's most well-known jazz musicians.

As again reported by Willamette Week (though first mentioned by former WW reporter Byron Beck on his Facebook page), the building at 221 N.W. 10th where Jimmy Mak's has been located for the past 10 years, has been sold to a developer and will be remade into an 11- to 14-story residential building. Before moving to its current location 10 years ago, Jimmy Mak's had been in a different space across the street for another decade.

Unlike Sewick's, which will close up shop for good, Jimmy Mak's plans to relocate. Owner Jimmy Makarounis, who is also one of the owners of the building that sold, told Willamette Week that he is looking for a new home, including one possibility right in the neighborhood.

Source: www.kgw.com
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Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz (Snare Included!)
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