Fender Squier Jazz Bass

May 17, 2017


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I bought this bass guitar in July 2011. It was my first bass guitar. I contemplated (and tried out in the shop) several other basses before deciding on this one, such as the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass (both the standard and short scale), a few different low end Ibanez GSR models, and the Yamaha RBX170. My initial aim was the Squier Affinity J-Bass, though. I ended up ultimately choosing the Squier Affinity J-Bass, as I favoured its feel and tone, as well as its shape and weight. What got me interested in it was that one of my favourite bassists uses a Fender American Standard J-Bass, and I really liked the sounds that he got out of it. However, I needed something more affordable, however similar in design; I figured if it had the same basic construction, it might have tonal abilities similar to the Fender American Standard J-Bass. I was not let down; I truly enjoy the sound I can get out of my Squier Affinity J-Bass. The medium jumbo frets are a bit wide for a beginner - I had trouble starting out. But I have a belief that if you don't shy away from stretching your fingers out over time with practice, eventually, you'll be able to reach those frets easily. The only things I can really complain about are as follows: - When I got the bass, the action was a bit high, especially on the frets closer to the body. I attribute this to a poor initial setup before I bought it, as just days ago before writing this, all was set to near perfection after my first warranty setup. - The pick-ups were set a little high before purchase, which made my strings slap against them when playing slap style, which made some terrible clipping on my amp from time to time. This was fixed in my warranty setup as well. - The pick-ups have just a touch of "hissing" and "humming", which is common with passive single-coil pick-ups. This can be remedied by 1.) setting both pick-up volumes even, 2.) a noise reduction filter effect, or 3.) Some careful post-recording sound engineering (if you decided to do any recording). - There is a bit of excess resonance from the rest of the strings at certain points, and with certain styles of play. Some careful adjustments to your playing technique can more or less manually "mute" this excess resonance. However, the guitar has a very genuine "Fender J-Bass" sound, and really does physically feel like a Fender J-Bass. And for this price, it's a great bass for a beginner bassist (such as myself) who wants a wallet friendly bass that has decent quality (and perhaps favours Fender/Squier products). I would certainly recommend this bass for a first time bass for beginners who have a small wallet. Just be sure to take care of it, keep an eye on its shape, and try to get it setup when necessary.
Source: www.long-mcquade.com
Squier By Fender James Johnston Jazz Bass LPB
Squier By Fender James Johnston Jazz Bass LPB
Fender Squier Jazz Bass [Sound Check]
Fender Squier Jazz Bass [Sound Check]
Bajo Fender Squier Jazz Bass Affinity Sunburst | QUEEN
Bajo Fender Squier Jazz Bass Affinity Sunburst | QUEEN ...

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