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May 31, 2017

The Easy-To-Understand Best

“My Fretless Jazz bass is hardly a Fender anymore. It has a custom fretless neck (from Performance Guitars in Hollywood), a Leo Quann Badass Bridge, and Lindy Fralin pickups (the body is still Fender!). When I bought the bass (used, in 1983) it had Dimarzios in it, which sounded a little dark. I wanted more of a growly, midrangy, Jacoesque tone. I read a review of these in Bass Player which praised them up and down, so I ordered a set. I made the right decision. They're amazing pickups, responsive and clear without sounding thin or biting at all.”

  • Clarity: 98%
  • Service: 100%
  • Value: 98%
  • Overall: 98%
Read the entire review at » “These things rock!! I was a little wary about spending so much without trying them first, but I was not disappointed in the least. I put them in my '77 Fender Jazz. The sound on them is HUGE - the best sounding passive pickups I've ever used by far. AND - no noise!! If you like that vintage sound, and don't wanna deal with annoying noise, I recommend these highly. ”
  • Clarity: 100%
  • Service: 98%
  • Value: 95%
Read the entire review at »

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James Reed Jazz Bass Pickups - Sean Byrd
James Reed Jazz Bass Pickups - Sean Byrd
EMG JVX Jazz Bass Pickups
EMG JVX Jazz Bass Pickups

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