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July 1, 2016


Dirk Laukens

Tone is an important aspect of any jazz guitarist’s voice and musical output. Whether you are jamming in the woodshed, or out on a gig, your tone is what stands you apart from other players, and gives your playing a distinct voice all it’s own.

One of the most important aspects of developing a solid tone, is finding the right amp for you and your musical tastes. To help you find that perfect amp, and personal tone, we’ve asked the readership to let us know what amp they prefer when playing in a jazz guitar context.

After receiving more than 5000 responses from readers, we’ve taken those results and graphed them out so that you can see what amps your fellow jazz guitarists are playing in their home studios and out on the bandstand.

Not surprisingly, Fender amps made up the bulk of the responses, with perennial favourites Roland, Vox and Peavey coming in third through fifth place in the survey. Not all amps chosen in the poll were big name brands, as you can see Polytone, Henricksen, Acoustic Image and other smaller, boutique brands on the list as well.

What do you think of this list? Any surprises? Join the discussion at the jazz guitar forum: Click here to follow the conversation on our forum…

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